About Us


Alhamdulillah your child has grown and developed so much already, and now it is time for you to consider where you should send him or her in order to have an excellent foundation for education.  You have a very important decision to make now.  It’s here where ZQ flashes up in your mind.  It’s already there on the lips of many parents these days every practicing Muslim parent desires the best quality education for their child combined with an excellent Islamic Tarbiyyah. At ZQ quality means an all-inclusive education where each child’s social, emotional, physical, creative needs are met in a healthy Islamic environment.  Early childhood education is a significant milestone and the beginning of a lifelong, faith-filled learning journey. Your child has a promising future ahead and ZQ offers you a fantastic opportunity to nurture his or her social, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth.


At Zahratul Qur’an, we believe there is something unique and truly special about an education that is rooted in the true Islamic concepts and values. Acknowledging the need for developing and strengthening a solid link between schools and parents, ZQ has made it as a part of its distinctiveness to commit to fostering a strong relationship between your home and ZQ. There is also a wonderful sense of connectedness at ZQ – one that is bound together by faith, nurtured by a tremendously caring environment and is com mitted to incomparable learning.

ZQ’s comprehensive Qu r’a n based early child hood learning programme focuses on establishing a solid foundation for your child’s future. Our team of highly professional and rigorously trained teachers know their job very well and strive to help every Zeequer to reach his or her full potential.  At ZQ, we recognize that every child is uniquely gifted by Allah SWT.  Realizing the fact that they all develop differently, we closely assess and monitor their readiness, interests and learning style.

At ZQ all Zeequers feel a true sense of belonging. Ours is a hundred percent inclusive approach. We nurture a safe and caring environment. Using the great Islamic values as a guide, each ZQ unit ensures that your child is safe and comfortable in their classrooms.


ZQ Headquarters is committed to providing high quality early childhood educational services while continually raising the bar in everything we do. We lead, nurture, educate, equip, consult and support our centers with everything they need to accomplish and maintain the high standards, starting with our exclusive, tested  proven ZQ Curriculum which is the outcome of the long and strenuous researches and studies.


The children who undergo this course learn to recite the whole Qur’an adhering to the rules of Tajwid

Further, the children will memorize a minimum of one Juzu’ of the Holy Qur’an by the end of the course ie at the age of 6.

The character of Zeequers is shaped up in the light of Holy Qur’an

Along with the Qur’an and Adkarthe Zeequers learn the subjects such as Mathematics, Environmental Science, Malayalam and English. The Zeequers acquire the basic communication skills in English.

Specially trained female teachers will handle the classes. There are three teachers at a time in every class.

The class rooms are child friendly with a motivating ambiance.

The learning process is based on the principles of the most modern psychological findings. Activity based learning is hallmark of ZQ.

The number of students per class is limited to 24. The teacher -student ratio is 3:24.


ZQ Resources

ZQ classrooms are enriched with our professionally designed primary teaching resources. Toys, posters, games, templates and worksheets are highly effective and our teachers are trained to make the best use of them. These colorful and informative resources brighten up the classroom. These are fantastic materials that actually keep the Zeequers live and inquisitive.

ZQ Teachers

ZQ also stands for Zeal for learning and Quality of teaching. We strongly promote professional development for our teachers involving coaching and mentoring. ZQ teachers are professionally skilled and their moral and ethical standards are very high. We make sure that they maintain the professional currency and advanced teaching practices. They undergo stringent training before they are employed and throughout their service at ZQ.


Zeequers will develop knowledge and skills in Qur’an, faith, religion, language. mathematics, science and technology, personal and social growth, health and physical education, and the arts very early in their lives. And they really enjoy everything they do at ZQ!


Children aged three to four years are taught to read and memorise the Qur’an at a steady and easy pace. By the end of the third year every Zeequer will be able to read the Qur’an very well. therefore enabling and preparing them to readily memorise the entire Qur’an correctly. ZQ ensures that every Zeequer’s learning experience is maximised to enhance their overall pronunciation, understanding and appreciation of the Holy Qur’an.  Upon the completion of UZQ, the Zeequeris expected to:

Recite the Qur’an with confidence and proper pronunciation adhering the rules of recital (Ahkamul Tajwid) Memorise the 30th Part (Juz Amma) of Holy Quran Memorise and say daily Duas and Adkar.