At Zahratul Qur’an, we believe there is something unique and truly special about an education that is rooted in the true Islamic concepts and values. Acknowledging the need for developing and strengthening a solid link between schools and parents, ZQ has made it as a part of its distinctiveness to commit to fostering a strong relationship between your home and ZQ. There is also a wonderful sense of connectedness at ZQ – one that is bound together by faith, nurtured by a tremendously caring environment and is com mitted to incomparable learning.

ZQ’s comprehensive Qu r’a n based early child hood learning programme focuses on establishing a solid foundation for your child’s future. Our team of highly professional and rigorously trained teachers know their job very well and strive to help every Zeequer to reach his or her full potential.  At ZQ, we recognize that every child is uniquely gifted by Allah SWT.  Realizing the fact that they all develop differently, we closely assess and monitor their readiness, interests and learning style.

At ZQ all Zeequers feel a true sense of belonging. Ours is a hundred percent inclusive approach. We nurture a safe and caring environment. Using the great Islamic values as a guide, each ZQ unit ensures that your child is safe and comfortable in their classrooms.