The children who undergo this course learn to recite the whole Qur’an adhering to the rules of Tajwid

Further, the children will memorize a minimum of one Juzu’ of the Holy Qur’an by the end of the course ie at the age of 6.

The character of Zeequers is shaped up in the light of Holy Qur’an

Along with the Qur’an and Adkarthe Zeequers learn the subjects such as Mathematics, Environmental Science, Malayalam and English. The Zeequers acquire the basic communication skills in English.

Specially trained female teachers will handle the classes. There are three teachers at a time in every class.

The class rooms are child friendly with a motivating ambiance.

The learning process is based on the principles of the most modern psychological findings. Activity based learning is hallmark of ZQ.

The number of students per class is limited to 24. The teacher -student ratio is 3:24.